Year 6 Transition

We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive transition program to ensure that the move from Primary to Secondary school is managed in the most sensitive and thoughtful way possible.

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You can access the new Year 7 resources folder here

We recognise that this can be an anxious time for both students and parents and so our program aims to help allay fears and answer any questions either students or parents have.

Transition at Eskdale School is about building relationships with our partner primaries before students enrol here. This is done through our outreach programmes, involving working partnerships in a range of curriculum areas. Through these strong links most students will have visited the school and worked with our teachers before they join us.

Once students have selected our School there are opportunities for them to visit, meet key staff and get to know their Head of Year. The transition days in July welcome students to the school where they have a taste of the curriculum as well as giving time to get used to the layout of the whole building and transport arrangements. In the evening parents are invited to ask any questions, meet the new form tutors and obtain information on uniform, policies and expectations.

Access advice about the transition process to secondary school.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I get to Eskdale?

You should travel to Eskdale in the same way as you intend to come to Eskdale in September. If you are not sure about where or when your bus / train departs or which one to get, have a look at the transition page on the Eskdale website. If you are still not sure, please do not hesitate to contact Eskdale to find out.

Will I need a travel permit / pass to travel on the bus / train?

We will be issuing temporary travel passes to all the primary schools to use during transition. You will probably not need to show this on the bus / train, but we don’t want you to be worried about not having a pass. We feel that everyone will be happier if they have a temporary pass that they can show in the unlikely event of being asked for it

If I travel on the train, how do I know what to do when I get to Whitby?

To make sure that pupils travelling by train to Whitby and then by bus to Eskdale know where to go, a member of staff will be travelling on the train on the first morning of transfer days and back after school.

What should I bring to school?

You will need to bring a bag with the following in it:

  • A pencil case (with at least two pens)
  • A bottle of water (that you will be able to refill during the day)
  • Any medication (e.g. asthma inhaler) that you need
  • Money for lunch (£3-£4 per day). Please inform us of any dietary requirements. If you are currently entitled to a meal allowance you do not need to bring money.
  • Wear comfortable clothes (not school uniform) – trainers are advised.

On the Wednesday you may have PE, so bring something that you can change into to do sport (not Eskdale PE uniform).

Where do I go when I get to school?

On the Monday go into the playground where you will be met by the Pastoral Team and some of the Eskdale teachers. When the whistle goes we will take you to the school hall and put you into the groups that you will be in for transition. On the other days when the whistle goes, you will go to your form room for registration. We will make sure you know where you are going.

Can I bring a mobile phone to Eskdale?

Yes you can, but remember the rules about having it switched off during lessons and not using it for phone calls, texting, social media or taking photos during school time. If you need to phone home during school time, you will need to go to reception and phone from the school telephone. Your mobile should only be used to contact home in emergencies either on the way to school or coming home from school.

Don’t forget – if you have any problems during school time, we are here to help. Just find a member of staff and we will do everything we can to help you.

And remember – any problems, you can contact us by e-mail:

Parental Information

Other useful information to help smooth the transition between primary and secondary school can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

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Travelling to School

There are many ways in which our students travel to and from Eskdale School.
For many it is a short walk away, but for others it can be a long journey by bus, train, car (or all three!)

If you travel on the bus to school, make sure you know when and where to get your bus (see website link below). If you travel on the train to Whitby, you need to walk from the station across to Langbourne Road (next to the Co-op) and get onto a coach. This will bring you up to Eskdale to start your school day.

At 3:25 pm you will need to find your coach in the turning circle near the entrance to school and this will start your journey home.

All students who need them will be given temporary travel passes for the three transfer days in July.

If you have any concerns or questions about transport, just phone the school. For more information about home-school transport and to help you organise your journey (e.g. pick up times and stops)

More information

308S Eskdaleside – Briggswath – Whitby Schools

312S Fylingthorpe Hawsker Whitby Schools

315S Staithes – Lythe – Whitby Schools

318S Ugthorpe – Aislaby – Newholm – Eskdale

321S Whitby Station – Eskdale School

323S Castleton – Danby – Eskdale

420S Mickleby – West & East Barnby – Whitby Schools

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