Policies & Summaries

As a school, we are required to provide access to a number of statutory documents and information.

Our website provides access to all this information, but as our website is primarily designed as an information source for parents, for your convenience the table below offers a summary of our statutory information and links to where these can be found on our website.

These are listed in alphabetical order. Please click here to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for or you require a paper copy please contact Miss Rebecca Sutcliffe in the school office. 

Behaviour Principles – Governors’ Statement
We believe that good behaviour is essential to allow all our students to achieve their full potential. Good behaviour promotes effective learning; effective teaching and learning promote good behaviour. We do not believe that any student should be allowed to behave in a manner which adversely affects the learning opportunities of others.
We believe in a culture of inclusion, equal opportunities and respect for all members of our community and in the importance of self-discipline and self-esteem. Discrimination will not be tolerated. We recognise that students with unusual emotional or behavioural needs should receive support to achieve the expected standard of behaviour.
We view as essential a system of rewards for good or improving behaviour and sanctions where standards fall below an expected level. Rewards and sanctions will be applied consistently and fairly. Individual student behaviour is monitored and parents or carers will be kept informed where there are any concerns.
The school has an effective and easily understood Behaviour Policy and a Home-School Agreement to be signed by parents/carers, students and the Head of School; these clearly outline the school's approach to behaviour for learning and conduct and rewards and sanctions.

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