Home School Agreement

The Home School Agreement is integral to the life of Eskdale School. It sets out what the school, parents/carers and the students agree together for the good of the whole school and each individual within it.

The partnership between the home and school is one of the most important influences on the education and personal development of our students. This agreement recognises the need for good partnership working between the home and school and seeks to build on it.

Aims of the school and home partnership

  • To work with our parents and carers to enable students of all abilities to make the most of their intellectual, practical and physical abilities
  • To work with our parents and carers to ensure that the students are secure and receive the highest standards of care
  • To support our parents and families to help students to develop self-discipline and to learn to behave towards others with care, respect and good manners
  • To encourage our parents and carers of students to participate in the life of the school and to celebrate the achievement of their children and others
  • To help our parents and carers of students develop high aspirations and to enable them to progress towards a rewarding and fulfilling future

The Home School Agreement is a legally required document and its aim is to clarify the roles and responsibilities of students, parents, staff and governing body so that every student is able to realise their full potential.

It aims to ensure that students and parents are fully aware of the school’s aims and values, work together on issues of concern and enables effective home/school communication. Parents, students and the Tutor (on behalf of all staff) are requested to sign the agreement printed in the Student Planner when the student joins Eskdale School for the first time, indicating their acceptance of this agreement.


I shall try to:

  • work with the school and my parents to achieve my full potential
  • attend school regularly and on time
  • keep myself safe by remaining on the school site at all times unless otherwise agreed with my parents and the school
  • bring the appropriate equipment and kit needed for the day
  • wear school uniform and kit as indicated in the school prospectus
  • develop a sense of responsibility for myself and behave with respect for all staff and students in the school
  • help to keep the school free from bullying and antisocial behaviour
  • care for the school and be aware of the problems caused to others by chewing gum and other litter.

Parent(s)/ Carer(s)

I/We will try to:

  • support my son/daughter in independent study/homework
  • make sure that my son/daughter attends school regularly and on time
  • inform the school of the reason for absence as early as possible
  • ensure that my son/daughter is properly equipped and ready for work
  • attend consultation evenings or discussions about my son’s/daughter’s progress
  • inform the school about problems which may affect my son/daughter and come into school to discuss any problems if requested
  • support the school in their efforts to develop good social skills and to prevent bullying
  • support the school by ensuring my son/daughter wears school uniform properly every day
  • support the school with its policy on jewellery and personal decoration.
  • refrain from posting negative comments about the school, its staff members or pupils on social media.

Eskdale School

Will try to:

  • give opportunity and encouragement for all students to reach their full potential
  • let parents know when a student has been absent from school without permission
  • set, mark and monitor homework and provide facilities for students to complete independent study/homework in school
  • enable students to ‘catch up’ missed work as a result of illness or holidays
  • inform parents about progress at regular intervals
  • encourage contact from parents who have concerns of any kind and ensure a prompt response
  • prevent bullying and will take every opportunity to develop good social skills, appropriate to their age
  • provide a pleasant and productive working environment
  • provide good quality careers guidance
  • make parents and students fully aware of the uniform policy and the fact that it is checked daily
  • ensure that students and parents are aware of the health and safety reasons for restricting the wearing of jewellery and other personal decoration
  • keep parents informed about school activities through emails or letters home (usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

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