The curriculum at Eskdale School comprises a broad and balanced range and depth of subjects, which aim to nurture high aspirations and prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing world.

Our core values of honesty, empathy, respect and responsibility are integral to our day to day workings and ensure that students are aware of the basic moral codes of modern life in Britain and the wider world.

The broad and balanced curriculum offer ensures that the needs of all students are met; both inside and outside of the classroom and that they are given a variety of opportunities to expand on their cultural capital. We have the highest of standards for students academically and this, coupled with the emphasis placed on developing young people who are confident, resilient, work ready and culturally aware, ensures that students leave us with many opportunities open to them.


  • Provide a varied curriculum offer to students that ensure a deep understanding of individual subjects, leading to a rich body of knowledge.
  • Ensure the best possible progress and highest academic achievement for all by tailoring the curriculum to individual needs, ensuring flexibility and a commitment to respond to change where necessary.
  • Give students access to appropriate careers information, advice and guidance at all stages, and that opportunities are open to students through their academic achievement and experiences gained at Eskdale School.
  • Promote students’ spiritual, moral and social understanding by a varied Curriculum for Life programme which responds to the needs of Eskdale School students.

All students at Eskdale School are placed in year groups, for example Year 7 or Year 11. The school also works in ‘stages’ and each student is placed within a stage. These allow us to identify students in particular stages of their educational development and offer a range of learning opportunities as appropriate.

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