Pastoral Care

Eskdale School understands that when students feel settled and secure they will achieve more.

The school’s pastoral system – or the network of support we provide to students and parents/carers – is a real strength and forms the basis of all that we do.

At Eskdale all students are allocated to a tutor group. Tutor groups are organised into year groups which allows supportive relationships to be formed with students from the same year groups. 

In addition to form tutors, our Pastoral Team consists of three Heads of Year who support different year groups as follows: 

Mrs Bradley - Years 7 & 8

Mr Raw - Year 9

Mrs Scales - Year 10

Mr Raw & Mrs Scales - Year 11 

The Head of Year, along with the form tutors, offers pastoral support to their year group as well as communicating with parents/carers as needed. Students can speak to their form tutors or their Head of Year if they are in need of support during the school day. Parents/carers can contact their child's Head of Year via the school office.

You will often hear about the ‘family feel’ at Eskdale School and our pastoral care team go above and beyond to ensure all issues which impact upon a child's education are successfully resolved.

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