Most parents, governors, staff and friends of the school agree that all students attending Eskdale should wear a uniform. 

We expect our students to uphold our high standards in the wearing of our school uniform and they should wear full school uniform with pride, whilst on site and when travelling to and from school. The uniform binds our school together as a community and helps students to feel equal amongst their peers. It is a symbol of equality amongst students. Any changes to the uniform will be clearly communicated to both students and parents.

The school is very mindful of the cost to families when buying uniform, especially in the current economic climate and will endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum and maintain a small number of bespoke school items. This current uniform policy has been designed taking into consideration the Department for Education’s non-statutory guidance published on 21 November 2021. Students are welcome to suggest changes to the uniform via the school’s student voice, such as the School Council. The uniform policy will be reviewed annually.

Products with the school badge on can be purchased from the School Shop uniform company. All other uniform items may be purchased from any retailer provided that they fulfil the criteria above. The School Shop uniform company is now preparing for the new academic year in September. Please follow the links below for further information.


Parent Information Document       Customer Handbook       Eskdale School ordering page

(SchoolShop delivery charge increase letter March 1, 2024)  

If you are at all unsure about uniform expectations or wish to discuss the purchasing of uniform, including financial support for purchasing items then please contact the school, using the following email address - post@eskdale-school.co.uk The school will work with families to support them with any uniform issues.

Students joining Eskdale School as new Year 7 students in September 2023 will be provided with a new tie. More information will be sent out about this shortly. All other year groups will keep their existing school tie, blazer and uniform for September.

Expectations for Eskdale School students:

All students should wear the following items at all times, unless participating in PE
or other activities with express staff permission to wear alternative dress:

• A plain white shirt with a collar; shirts should be tucked in at all times
• A navy-blue blazer with the school badge or a navy-blue V neck jumper with the
school badge. Students may wear both a school blazer and a school jumper, if
they wish
• The Eskdale School tie
• Full length black trousers or black knee length skirt with plain black tights
• Black shoes or plain black trainers
• Dark coloured socks (navy, black or grey)

For clarity the following items are not permitted to be worn at any time with the uniform or as part of the uniform and students wearing these items will be challenged by staff:

• Denim or leather jackets
• Hoodies
• Shoes or trainers which are not black, including black trainers with white Nike ticks
or Adidas stripes, for example
• Leggings or jeans
• White socks, unless worn as part of PE kit

The uniform is expected to be worn all year round,however in the summer months students may choose not to wear a jumper or blazer, but must wear the school tie. In colder weather students may wear a coat or body warmer of any type when travelling to and from school and whilst outside at break or lunchtime. Coats or other outdoor items, should be removed when in classrooms.

PE Kit should include:

• Navy blue rugby shirt OR plain navy polo shirt
• Navy shorts
• Shin pads (with ankle protection)
• Navy football socks
• Football boots (optional)
• Trainers
• White socks
• Tracksuit – Navy or black
• Gum-shield (for hockey and rugby)
• Water bottle
• Towel

PE Kit is not required to contain the school badge, and can be purchased from any retailer. Parents and students should discuss the particular requirements for individual sporting activities with the PE staff, should they be unsure.

Piercings, jewellery, hair and other items

• Students may wear one stud or sleeper per ear. Facial piercings, such as nose rings
are not permitted and this includes any tongue piercings. We ask that over holidays
students and parents/carers take this into account and ensure that when students
return they comply with this. Clear plastic retainers are permitted as a short-term measure. Other items of jewellery, such as rings are not permitted. Bands, such as festival or charity bands may be worn discretely and as far as possible underneath the uniform. Students will be asked to remove jewellery which does not adhere to the school rules

• Students may wear a watch, including a smart watch. The exception to this is students in Year 10 and Year 11 undertaking either internal mock or external GCSE examinations, as these items are not permitted under examination regulations

• Body art or graffiti is not permitted

• Headphones of any type are not to be worn on site without the express permission of staff

• Hair should not fall into the eyes to prevent eye-contact with others and it should be tied back in practical situations such as science or design technology lessons to ensure it is safe. If necessary, hair should be tied back with a clip or band. Hair should not be dyed an unnatural colour, such as green, pink or purple. Eyebrows should not be shaved


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