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In the spring of 2019, I was teaching year 10 and 11 about the impact of burning fossil fuels on our atmosphere, the increased use of plastic and the result of finite resources ending in landfill around the world. The pupils showed a fantastic understanding and enlightened me about all the other fascinating knowledge they were picking up in different subjects about sustainability and social responsibility. It was an absolute joy to hear them so animated about the subject and to see their drive to see change in our own school.

So, when I mentioned World Environment day pupils were extremely excited to raise awareness. In the space of two weeks the year 10s had put together a raffle and cake sale raising £500 to donate to the World Land Trust. Has a result of this campaign we also organised a tree planting event which we couldn't have done without the help of Mrs. Westwood, Mrs. Winspear and Mr. Parker.

Seeing pupils and staff so engaged in this issue led me to investigate ideas around becoming an eco-school and that is when we embarked on our journey to a Green Flag award.

Since we started, we have built a committee, carried out an environmental evaluation of the school, put an action plan in to practice and are currently evaluating the actions we have taken. During this time, we have achieved our Bronze and Silver awards.

To achieve our Green Flag award, we still need to develop a school eco-ethos so watch this space.

I am also very proud to announce the SPEED project Mrs. Winspear is heading up. Funding has been secured (thank you Mrs. Winspear for all your hard work with this) and we are moving to start our own ethical and socially responsible business in school. More information about this will be coming out in the New Year and we hope you can support our pupils with their business enterprise.

I am very excited and looking forward to the outstanding work the pupils at Eskdale are doing to ensure they have a beautiful planet to live in.

Well Done everyone!

Mrs. Aldous

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