Christmas Poetry Competition!

The English Department will be publishing a poem every day in the lead up to the Christmas holidays. These poems have been written by members of our school community, and are a wonderful example of the talented writers we have here at Eskdale.


16th December 2020

Cosy Covid Christmas

What do you think about Christmas?
I think it is time for family time,
Because family time is time to shine.
The think I like about Christmas is love,
Cause you get to experience the two turtle doves.

Because of the ups and downs we have had this year,
It’s not that bad, for a little Cheer.
But I do like to bless all of the teachers,
Cause they are all a success.

Sit down have fun,
Because all of the decorations are done.
Watch a Christmas movie,
Jump up let’s have a groovy.

The hot chocolate is steaming up,
And let’s have a nice cup.
Melting marshmallows in front of the fire,
And don’t be a liar.

Number 16 is done, 8 more to go,
And put on your Christmas bow.
Baby Jesus watching us from above,
Filling our heart with embraced love.

Lilly-Ella Brenna (8F)


15th December 2020

Christmas is Here!

Snow is falling,
Christmas is coming,
Advent calendars are being opened,
Not long to go.

Hot chocolate under the fire,
With toasted marshmallows,
Snuggled up in a onesie,
Not long to go.

Decorations going up,
The festive period has arrived,
Bad weather starting,
Not long to go.

Snowball fights,
Ripping families in two,
Christmas movies,
Not long to go.

Presents are being opened,
Christmas dinner being ate,
Having family around,
Christmas is here!

Olly Homer (7K)


14th December 2020

Train Rides

The train comes to a halt,
As the first signs of winter appear,
I look out my window,
At all the prancing deer.

The snow starts to fall.
The driver starts to steer,
And I start to wonder,
when home is near.

The children playing in the snow,
mum and dad by the mistletoe,
and the chilly wind beginning to blow.

This year will be the best,
I say,
As outside,
It begins to rain,
And as I sigh,
The station appears,
"Welcome home and a Happy New Year"

Milly Marr (8F)

11th December 2020

A Christmas Delivery

‘Twas the Twelfth of December
Working late in Lab 4
I heard a faint noise
Did I? I wasn’t sure

I took off my goggles
Set my test tubes down
And went to the window
Looked out with a frown

I thought I heard jingles
Or possibly hooves
And what was that blur
coming over the roofs?

A starburst of colour
Cacophony of sound
A sight to behold
As I fell to the ground

I thought it was Santa
With a present for me
But it was far more exciting
I could suddenly see

He did look like Santa
It’s certainly true
The belly, the beard
and the greying hair too

But just then I realised
This vision of doom
He delivered no gifts
Only google classroom

In strolled our leader
No worries or strife
He’s delivering laptops
The Head … Mr Fyfe!

Mrs C. Pearson


10th December 2020

Christmas in Poverty

Snow shines,
Fire flickers,
Chimney chunts,
Kid cries.

Santa smiles,
Reindeer run,
Sledge slides,
Kid cries.

Many are together,
Many cheer,
But for some it is a reminder,
For life is one to fear.

Snow paints the open landscape,
Snow suffocates the child,
Cold is conquered by the fire,
Child is conquered by the cold.

They live in wealth and happiness,
He lives alone,
They live in friendship and care,
He lives alone.

“Not here” they say,
“Far away” they say,
But poverty plagues existence,
With a plenitude of persistence,
The power in the pain,
Yet met with little resistance.

Snow shines,
Fire flickers,
Kid cries,
Wealthy snicker.

Dylan Anderson (11K)


9th December 2020

My blue sled
Crisp white snow,
Falls from the twilight night sky.
Glistening stars,
Now I wonder why?

Cold frosty feeling,
Gripping at your toes.
Cold wintery mornings ,
Blushing up your nose.

Creamy hot chocolate,
Running down your throat.
Snow softens down,
As you grab your big red coat.

Christmas has always been the same
for you
You take a small vaccine
afraid of the dreaded flu,

But every year
your filled with glee
from that little blue sledge
pushed under your tree.

You run around for hours
until you get cold ,
And feeling like you will
never get old.

The blue sled by your door,
Seems like a nice ride.
So you glide down the street,
With joy and with pride.

But as the night darkens,
You feel quite alone ,
Your gloves are wet
And you want to go home.

The street is unfamiliar ,
And you slip on the frost,
Your looking around now ,
And you appear to be lost.

Your cold and hungry,
And need a big hug,
Or a nice hot drink
In your brown reindeer mug.

Your friends went home
hours ago
No your nowhere to be found
stuck in the snow,

A boy runs over
Giggling at you
His clothes are torn
And his nose , shades of blue,
“ Follow me ill help you get home”
You don't know what to do, but you’re going to freeze,
So you dust of the snow
That's layered on your knees.

A few moments later
You see your front door,
You smile so big
But his mouth drops to the floor,

“ What is that “
He points to your sled,
Its tall and shiny,
Bigger than his head.

“ This is my girl”
“ You can have her if you like?”
He jumps up and down
Like he has won a new bike,

“Merry Christmas”
You smile and you turn around
But the happy boy
Was nowhere to be found.

Violet Jellings (9R)


8th December 2020

A Family Christmas

Now that Christmas is here finally,
Let's dance and sing around with Glee,
The fire is lit,
And the movies are playing,
It's time to be happy,
So start swaying.

After this year it's okay to be sad,
So let's smile and banish the bad!
The family is here and the foods ready too,
It's cold outside, do you want a brew?

As the snow begins to fall, Get your coat on,
It's time to have fun,
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Eloise Blackman (8F)


7th December 2020

This is our Christmas,
Family and friends.
Presents by the tree,
Love until the end.

This is our Christmas,
It's one time a year.
So, let's make it amazing;
Full of excitement and cheer.

This is our Christmas.
Even though the year has been tough;
Only three households round the tree.
I'm sure it will be enough.

This is our Christmas.
Less presents is plenty.
Don't worry, it's nearly over,
We're near the end of 2020!

Naomi Cornforth (7R)


4th December 2020

Advent calendars waiting to be opened,
Preparing the decorations,
Houses illuminated by twinkling Christmas lights,
Soon it will be Christmas.

Sledging down the steepest hills,
Tinsel shimmering on the tree,
Watching every Christmas film on TV,
It’s not long until Christmas.

Blasting Christmas songs at full volume,
Doing lots of last-minute Christmas shopping,
Everyone is excited for the Christmas holidays,
It’s almost Christmas.

As Christmas draws ever nearer,
Mince pies are left out for Santa,
Nobody can get to sleep,
Because tomorrow it’s Christmas.

Wrapping paper strewn across the floor,
Everyone is grateful for the presents they receive,
When your family come around for Christmas dinner,
That’s when you know it’s Christmas.

As you wave goodbye to your family,
And you clear the dinner table,
It’s pitch-black outside,
Christmas is over.

When you wake up on Boxing Day,
You might watch the Boxing Day Dip,
Then you’ll start counting down the days again,
Because it’s not long until the New Year.

Romy White (8F)


3rd December 2020

I made myself a snowball,
As perfect as could be.
I thought I'd keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pyjamas,
And a pillow for its head.

Then, last night it ran away,
But wet the bed.

Liam Skelton (Y7)


2nd December 2020

White snow is falling,
No school for a while,
Have fun near the fire,
Or outside.

Cuddle up together,
Forget your troubles,
Watch a movie or two,
Forget your diet!
Winter’s here so just have some fun
Because soon Christmas will be here.

Go to the shops,
Buy loads of food,
Share it with your family,
Cause that’s all that matters

It’s time to write
Your Christmas letters,
Send them off to your friends,
Don’t forget the Christmas cheer!

Imogen Callaghan (Y8)


1st December 2020

What does Christmas mean to you?
Is it what you buy or what you do?
Is it all about what you receive?
Or is it what you think, what you believe?

After the year that we've all had,
It's understandable to be sad,
But let's try to banish all the gloom,
Get the tree and decorations up in your room.

Send a card to a lonely friend,
It's not about the money you spend,
An act of kindness to someone new,
It's such a simple thing to do.

Spread some kindness and some cheer,
Think of others at this time of year,
To those who struggle and are blue,
You can make a difference, it's up to you.

Let's try to make this Christmas cool,
After all, we're not at school,
Open your presents and stuff your face,
And hold your loved ones in a warm embrace

Mr M Hunter

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