Governor Information

The Governing Body of Whitby Secondary Partnership

For your information, below is a list of Whitby Secondary Partnership’s current Governors who hold responsibility for strategic matters at Whitby Sixth Form. Should you wish to contact the Governing Body, you can do so via the Clerk, Sarah Marshall, Please note that it is inappropriate to contact individual Governors under normal circumstances on school governance issues as Governors deal with matters under specific committee remits at the direction of the Chair of Governors or as delegated by the Principal.

Name Category Term Started Term of Office Ends Declaration of Interest
Jon Norden Principal N/A N/A None to Declare
Paul Dixon Acting Headteacher N/A N/A None to Declare
Pen Cruz Co-opted 8/7/2019 7/7/2023 Trustee of: Lythe Community Shop Ltd, Capital Cook Memorial Museum and Normanby Charitable Trust
Jane Mortimer Local Authority 20/10/2020 19/10/2024  
Mark Taylor Co-opted 20/10/2020 19/10/2024 None to Declare
Dave Rae Staff 30/6/2021 29/6/2025 Married to Mrs S Rae
Su Crossland (Co-chair) Parent 22/7/2021 21/7/2025  
Christina Zanelli (Co-chair) Parent 22/7/2021 21/7/2025 CEO of YEAT
Andy Mitchell  Co-opted (Staff) 21/9/2021 20/9/2025 None to Declare
Carolyn Watkinson Co-opted 8/7/2019 29/9/2021  
Sarah Hugill Staff 8/7/2019 10/5/2021  
Barry Harland Parent 10/9/2019 9/5/2021  
Mark Young Co-opted 20/10/2020 9/5/2021  
Trevor Parker Co-opted 8/7/2019 24/3/2021  
Jon Brown Parent 8/7/2019 17/12/2020  

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