The Green Flag Award

We did it!!!

I am so pleased to announce that Eskdale is now a Green Flag school. We join the ranks of 749 schools in the UK that have a Green flag award. That is 3% of schools and we are one of them 

To get here we had to complete seven steps:

Step 1 Establish an eco-committee and ensure we had members from across the school involved.

Step 2 Completing an eco-school’s audit to establish the areas that we needed to improve.

Step 3 Developing an action plan. This involved increasing the number of recycling points around the school collecting crisp packets for charity, removing plastic from our oceans, and increasing awareness of environmental issues and alternatives to plastic.

Step 4 Implement an action plan at the school. Including publishing what we were doing in the local community and establish curriculum links across the school.

Step 5 Informing and involving the wider school community

Step 6 Monitor and evaluating the actions we put in place. Evaluate lessons in school to see where eco topics are being covered.

Step 7 develop an eco-school’ ethos

I am so proud of everyone for working so hard both past and present students. These students have not let anything get in their way not even the pandemic. I ask you to join me in celebrating their achievement.

A special thank you to Mrs Winspear, Miss Kotadia and Mrs Bedingfield for their continued enthusiasm for keeping Eco-schools running throughout the pandemic and working hard in Eco club now. I would also like to thank Mrs. Westwood for her continued support and love poured into Eskdale’s garden.

We are currently working on some great project including recycling used pens and other stationary items, selling eco cleaning products to reduce our plastic waste, planning for the Eco-roadshow headed up by Mrs Winspear, planting trees around our new 3G pitch and looking in to developing a thrift swop shop.

Thank you for your continued support with this,

Mrs. Aldous

Eco-committee lead

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