Eco Schools Project

We have now set up a website with more information about our Eco Schools projects. Please click here for the latest updates.

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Covid has put a halt to many things, but I am so proud of our Eco-school's committee and SPEED groups who have not let this get in the way. We have continued to work towards a greener school and are about to embark on the last step in the campaign to become an Eco-school.

We have recently sent out a questionnaire asking pupils and staff what they think are the important environmental issues and from this we have devised an eco-school's ethos which everyone can get behind because all had the chance to have their say.

Eskdale School Ethos
-Reduce litter by ensuring rubbish goes to recycling or in the bin.
-Ensure you use the recycling bins around school.
-Get involved in a fundraising event for an eco-charity
-Get involved with an eco-curriculum day in school.
-Improve your knowledge on recycling and eco equivalents aiming to go single use plastic free.

Your support with upholding this ethos is crucial and we look forward to working has a community to uphold these values the pupils at Eskdale School feel passionate about.

We have won our bronze award
We have placed recycling bins around the school
We have won our silver award
We have made eco-friendly products
We are going for our green flag!!

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